With the city of Chicago being such a prominent locale for Hip Hop up-and-comers, artists may sometimes find it hard to get their music to the masses. During their “Face To Face” segment on BET.com the L.E.P. Bogus Boys spoke on how they made their name known among the plethora of artists coming out of the city.

“Being persistent and consistent. Just work every day, all day,” Moonie explained. “We knew when we came into this game we was gonna get more no’s than yes’s. With being in the mind frame you know it took us automatically out of being lazy. And just working hard. That’s definitely due to our work ethic.”

“But you know, real recognize real. The streets know the real and the real know the fake. The streets roll with us 100 percent,” Count added.

Despite the numerous other Hip Hop artists coming out of Chicago the duo explained that they’re cool with all of them.

“Actually, on the tape we just dropped we got a song on their with Lupe. And the Cool Kids them like our brothers,” explained Moonie. “We been messing with them since Don’t Feed The Killaz 1.”

On top of working with the artists mentioned above Moonie also revealed that the L.E.P. Bogus Boys have a new track with Kanye West.

“We done something with Kanye too…He produced it, did a hook on it, and a verse,” Moonie shared with BET.

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