Last year, actor Michael Rapaport struck it big at the Sundance Film Festival with his acclaimed documentary about A Tribe Called Quest titled Beat, Rhymes and Life. Now, another one of Hip Hop’s great, Ice-T, is poised to take over Sundance with his own documentary Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap.

The California O.G. recently spoke to Billboard about the film and how he approached making his debut project. He explained that he focused solely on the the art of rap as opposed to the outside aspect that have become synonymous with Hip Hop culture. He also added that he wanted to make sure that the film wouldn’t only resonate with Hip Hop heads.

“I was looking at the terrain of hip-hop and where it’s going, it’s kinda gotten pop – a lot of the kids don’t even know where it started, and I said, ‘I wanna go and document the craft – not the money, not the cars, not the girls, the craft,'” he explained. “I’ve been doing interview abouts for 20 years and no one’s asked how we do it. They talk about the music, but they don’t go, ‘How do you write a rhyme?’…I came up with about 15 questions and interviewed 54 rappers…it’s not a movie just for rap fans; it’s a movie for anyone that’s curious about the art. It’s not for rap haters, though. If you don’t like it and you go to the movie, you’ll hate it even worse.”

Check out the full interview below.

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