During a recent interview with the L.A. Leakers, Fat Joe discussed his upcoming album and his recent weight loss. Joey Crack mentioned that the new album will feature “gangsta” material but focused on saying that it was also geared for “the ladies.” The Terror Squad’s Joe also touched on his weight loss, giving advice to others and explaining that he had to work out daily to shed pounds. 

Crack explained that his new album is already halfway completed and says it will feature a mixture of “gangsta” music and material where he’s “talkin’ to the ladies.”

“New album is coming,” he shared in the interview when asked by a fan. “We halfway done. It’s really a lot to do with the ladies. Of course, I’ma keep it G. I’ma keep it gangsta…But we talkin’ to the ladies.” 

When the conversation moved towards weight loss, the TS representative shared that he had to put in hours at the gym to shed his pounds. 

“Just working out, man. Just staying healthy, workin’ out, trying to eat less carbs and workin’ out every day…It feels great, man.” 

For more from the interview, check the audio at L.A. Leakers

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