Back in 2007, Ja Rule and Lil Wayne were arrested after a concert in New York City, New York, with Weezy facing a shorter sentence than Ja. Speaking from prison to Vlad TV, Ja said that his lengthier sentence of two years was because of the circumstances of the gun possessions.

“Each case was a little different. He had the same charge, basically, attempting to possess. But the gun wasn’t on his possession either,” says Ja. “I think they got him with the same charge, attempt of possession. But the difference between me and Weezy’s case is his was actually registered. His case was crazy too, because it wasn’t registered to him but it wasn’t on his person but it was a registered gun and he was on a bus with 30 other people. And it wasn’t found in his possession. It was found in a bag.

“My gun was with a serial number scratched off, which gave me a little more time. That’s the difference,” he continued.

Listen to the full interview below.

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