Georgia Anne Muldrow has announced the release of her upcoming album Seeds, produced entirely by Madlib.

The LP, set for release on March 27th via SomeOthaShip Connect, marks the first time that Madlib has produced an album exclusively for a female vocalist.

“Not handling production and focusing strictly on the lyrics and vocals was a very different experience for me.  It was as if I walked into someone else’s world and built a hut.  But I’m very proud of the hut we built and am excited about the release,” said Muldrow in a press release.

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(January 9)

UPDATE: The tracklisting for Seeds by Georgia Anne Muldrow and Madlib is as follows:

1. Seeds (Produced By: Madlib)    

2. Wind (Produced By: Madlib)    

3. Calabash (Produced By: Madlib)    

4. Kali Yuga (Produced By: Madlib)    

5. The Birth of Petey Wheatstraw (Produced By: Madlib)    

6. Best Love (Produced By: Madlib)    

7. Husfriend Intro (Produced By: Madlib)    

8. Husfriend (Produced By: Madlib)    

9. Kneecap Jelly (Produced By: Madlib)    

10. The Few (Produced By: Madlib)    

11. Remember (outro) (Produced By: Madlib)