One of the latest to sign with 50 Cent’s G-Unit has been DJ Pauly D, a reality television star from MTV’s Jersey Shore. DJ Pauly recently spoke on his decision to sign with 50 and his admiration for his new boss. He also talked about producing a new compilation album with the G-Unit General. 

“Right now I’m working on my album with 50 Cent,” he noted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Really excited about that because that’s my passion. Music is where my heart’s at. So, I’m gonna do some producing [and] come up with a compilation album with 50.”

His admiration for his collaborative partner has come from his own appreciation for 50’s music. 

“I’ve always looked up to 50 my whole entire life,” he added. “He’s always been a mentor to me, ‘cause I’ve been DJing and playing his music my whole entire life. So, the fact that we clicked when we met was amazing.”

As a reality television star, Pauly D also thinks this move will allow his fans to see a different side of the personality he portrays on his television program.

“[I’m] really excited to show the world another side of me outside the Shore,” he continued. “It’s kind of like my life as a DJ on the road, and you get to meet some of my friends that I grew up with in Rhode Island and some of the crazy adventures we get into.”

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