Big K.R.I.T. recently spoke with Life + Times, breaking down his track “Time Machine” off his 2011 mixtape Return of 4Eva . He began by touching on the song’s first verse, explaining how his rhymes were inspired by his uncle’s old school car.

“First verse of ‘Time Machine,’ riding around in my uncle’s car, my mom’s side, had an old school. It was green and it wasn’t the best on the inside, but it was just the leather and the smell,” he said. “If anybody ever rolled in an old school car, it’s like the exhaust is real. It’s just that whole atmosphere and for me to have an old school car in my time machine when I ride, it takes me back to my childhood.”

He also touched on the verse’s opening lines – “Take me way back Scarface and a tapedeck / Ridin’ with my poppa, rockin’ a starter and some gray sweats” – stating how his father put him on to Scarface as a young kid.

“I remember cleaning out one of my dad’s old closets and I found a gang of tapes. There was a Geto Boys tape. I was like, ‘Yo pops, what is this? Let’s listen to it.’ ‘Mind Playing Tricks on Me’ was one of those records that really stuck with me. Even being able to see the video and remembering how scary it was to see Bushwick Bill punching the ground and shit. From that point on, just really growing up and following Scarface, it was only right that I mentioned it, because my pops was literally the first person that was like, ‘Yo, that’s Scarface.’”

Watch the full video below.

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