AllHipHop recently caught up with Mac Miller to discuss yesterday’s news that his single “Donald Trump” from Best Day Everwent gold. The Pittsburgh rapper talked about the excitement he felt when he heard that his 2011 song passed the 500,000 sales mark. At the same time, he said the achievement is one small step in his career, and that he isn’t going to let up on his music anytime soon.

“It’s dope, man – a gold record, that’s just an accomplishment,” he explained. “I just happy that [the record] was able to go that far, and I’m just looking to build on that and keep growing, and hopefully have more gold records, maybe some platinum ones…it’s definitely crazy to see where I was at a year ago and see where I am now, but at the same time, this is what I’ve dedicated my life to. I wouldn’t settle for anything less, [and] I’m not even settling for this now…at the end of the day, this is nothing. I’m just working on building for the next step and to keep growing and take things to the next level.”

Mac also revealed that he recently linked up with Pharrell to record a number of songs. He said that while he isn’t sure where the tracks that the two made together will end up, he enjoyed the hands-on approach to the recording Skateboard P takes, saying that he even prefers building a song from scratch as opposed to receiving beats via email.  

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“I did like, two crazy jams with Pharrell,” he revealed. “It was dope. He’s real good peoples, and I just came in there and we were just vibing. I like making songs from scratch with people. I’m not a big ‘send me a beat type guy.’ We came up with some real cool shit, and we did two joints…he raps on one, and on there other he just did the beat.”

Check out the full interview below.