With a title like “OJ” Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy’s latest single is bound to stir up a little controversy, but according to Jeezy he doesn’t see the controversy in the song at all.

The rapper recently caught up with Billboard’s “The Juice” at his Atlanta listening session to speak on “OJ” and several of Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition’s other tracks. Jeezy explained that with “OJ” there’s certain phrases or words that may be taken out of context when it’s merely slang.

“OJ is that life. It’s like aye, we gonna get away with this shit. He was acquitted, he didn’t do it. I mean we was killin’ that white chick. That’s what we do. It’s slang it’s terminology, it’s Ebonics,” Young Jeezy explained. “We call a lot of things anything and that’s just one way of saying it. I don’t know what would be controversial about it. And it’s basically saying, ‘What you know about champagne every night? What you know about all these women everywhere? What you know about sleeping on the best shit?’ If you don’t you need to know so you need to get on your grind. It’s basically like a hustler’s anthem. It’s like ‘Go Crazy’ but with that little twist and bounce to it.”

The rapper also spoke on what will likely be one of Thug Motivation 103’s most talked about collaborations, “I Do” with Andre 3000 and Jay-Z.

“Adding Jay-Z and 3000 to the record to me I just wanted to hear what their version of ‘I Do’ was. For Jay he was whipping up the Mercedes and the four and that baby and that made sense. Andre 3000 his idea was he’s standing in the club talking to this chic and he really want her,” said Jeezy. “And so it just kinda came together as a great record but the initial idea was let me tell them that, ‘Til death do us part. And let no man separate what we create. For better or for worse I’mma be here. I ain’t going nowhere.’”

Young Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103 will be released on December 20th.

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