Philadelphia emcee Tommy Hill was shot and killed outside of a bar during the weekend, according to several reports. Hill, a former member of R.A.M. Squad, began his career in the 1990s and was 36 at the time of his death. While several reports speculate that he was shot during a robbery, some reports indicate that other motives could have also contributed to the shooting. 

Philadelphia’s Inquirer reported that while speculations have been made about this shooting, police officials would not discuss the case. According to the report, police officials would also not confirm if Hill, whose real name is John Wilson, was in fact the victim of the shooting.

The original account of the incident stated that Hill left the bar without paying his tab. When the bar manager and security went out to speak with him, masked men approached and robbed Hill before shooting him in the chest and lower body. Shots were reportedly exchanged between the manager, the security guards and the masked men, though no one else was injured. The victim was then taken to the hospital and placed in critical condition before passing away on Sunday morning.

Hill and his R.A.M. Squad partners sold records independently before being signed to Universal. They even had the chance to tour with Nelly. However, the group was later dropped.