Sha Stimuli has announced the release of his first book, The Toilette Papers: The #1 Number 2 Book.

The book is described as “a compilation of several of his blogging escapades as well as new and original thought, that has been developed specifically for those toilet trips in which one may need to relax and contemplate life.”

“Some of us find inner peace and solitude when we’re actually on the commode releasing solids,” said Sha in a press release. “It is at these times that the purging of waste should be accompanied by the relief of tension. Whether it’s a short stay or a long visit, good reading material assists the process.”

Toilette will be released as a limited holiday edition, with only 100 copies being produced. The limited run will be available on from December 10-20, or until copies are sold out, while electronic copies and further print copies will be available on, iBook and other retail outlets on January 1, 2012.


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