DJ Premier recently discussed the history of the legendary D&D Studios in an interview with

“D&D stood for Dave and Doug,” explained Preme. “Dave Lotwin and Doug Grama, so that’s where the D’s came from. They started in the same building in 1982. …all my Gang Starr history from Daily Operation all the way until 2004 was done in this room.”

Premier revealed why, after purchasing D&D, he renamed the studio HeadQCourterz. “HeadQCourterz – I’ve never met a dude like this in my life. He had the energy of  Public Enemy, X Clan, Ice Cube, NWA, and, the last part was all combined into one. And the Black Panthers. And Tupac. He was and is all of that. He was here now, my whole company would be on a whole different plane, because this dude was our biggest cheerleader, our biggest promoter…”



“Losing him two days after Jam Master Jay died…I remember getting the call that Jam Master Jay died, because one of my buddies is a cop. He was in the area on duty…we were all bugging out for that, and HeadQCourterz called me, like, ‘Yo, you hear about Jam Master Jay? I was just doin’ some stuff with him…’ and from there, two days later, he got killed.”

Watch the interview below:

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