Recently profiled in GQ magazine’s Music Issue 2011, Raekwon fielded questions about his relationship with Ghostface Killah and the uniqueness of Wu-Tang Clan. But during the interview, the Chef recalled a low point of his career in the early ’00s, remaining vague about the circumstances but explaining how he went through a period of personal turmoil.

“In the early 2000s I was going through a lot. I didn’t have my head screwed on right. Where I was at as a man, I was still growing up,” he said. “We had success quick, we didn’t have an opportunity to look at a lot of things that really we had to look at. My world was caving in for a minute, and it took a lot of people to come at me, like, Yo, we gon’ get you right, but you gotta get you right. All I did was take my time, figure out where I made a lot of mistakes and try not to make them no more.”

Rae also touched on his relationship with Ghostface Killah, saying that they were always connected to one another. The rappers, each of whom have featured the other heavily on their albums, explained that their dedication to Hip Hop is what brought them together.

“A lot of times, we would be the first cats at the studio. Me and him were like the kids that sat in the front of the class. I might come in and he already hogging the mic, and I’m like, Yo, that’s where it need to be at! And I just touch it because I’m there to touch it. Me and Ghost sat around and wrote multiple songs together. We did [the song] “The Watch” together, the children’s one where he’s talking about Wilma and Woody Woodpecker [“The Forest”]. We sat around and wrote many joints together. When I first came into Wu-Tang, I was just a team player: Nah, say this word, or, He just said that word, so we gon’ say another word. We was always heavily in tune with the darts.”

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