DMX recently paid a visit to Dr. Drew’s “Lifechangers” show, speaking on his struggles with the law and his childhood. During the conversation, he touched on being disciplined as a kid and how it helped shape who he is today.

“Back then, everybody got beatings,” he explained. “It made me a better person. Some were a little extreme. It got pretty bad. There were plenty of days I couldn’t sit down in school. There were three extension cords and she would braid them together.”

Dr. Drew asked if he beat any of his 10 children as punishment. Dark Man X said that he disciplines them by giving them something along the lines of a spanking when they get out of line, but that it usually teaches them a lesson.

“You don’t really have to beat them. That one time… Smack them on the ass with a belt a couple of times and they get the point. It was not continual beating. Anybody you’ve got to beat over and over again, evidently it’s not working. You give them a spanking that one time. After, you explain to them not to do it and you go back and do it again.”

He emphasized the importance of communication with his kids and how it helps better them and their behavior.

“That’s why I talk to my kids first. I sit them down and explain to them what they did wrong. If I see that they are genuinely remorseful about the situation, then I’ll let it go, because it’s about them learning. It’s not about me beating them.”



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