V-Nasty stirred up controversy when she freely used the N-word in her rhymes and in everyday conversation, which she vigorously defends. In her first-ever interview for LA Weekly, the White Girl Mob member said that she will no longer use the word in her rhymes, but that she will still employ it while talking with friends.

“They’re used to it, they don’t give a fuck, you feel me? In Oakland it doesn’t matter,” she explained.

V-Nasty, who is also prepping a mixtape release with Gucci Mane, differentiated the use of the word with an “-a” and “-er” ending. She says that she only uses the “-a” ending and that she will gladly speak out against anyone who drops the term with an “-er.”

“Now if I hear somebody say it with an ‘-er,’ I’m gonna speak up! I don’t take that shit lightly. I wish somebody would come up and call my daughter or my son the N-word in that way,” she explained.

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