Lex Luger was recently profiled in New York TimesMagazine, which dug into his past and his ascent to production stardom. But in the piece, the “Hard in Da Paint” helmer explained that he’s ready to move on from his “signature orchestral bombast” and cater his sound more to each artist.

“Everybody’s trapped in the trap sound. […] I’m trying to get out,” he says. “I’m not gonna go, like, one route, you know what I’m saying? Like I’m goin’ trap today, and I’m goin’ pop tomorrow. If Britney Spears called me, I’m goin’ to wherever she at and making that record.”

The article also corrects earlier reports that Luger is native to Milwaukee, clarifying that he hails from Suffolk, Virginia.

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Read the full story at NYTimes.com.

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