During a recent stop at The Angie Martinez Show, Wale talked about Rick Ross’ health and his own quest to bring emotions into Hip Hop. The MMG artist explained that he feels his album will fill a void in the culture, adding that “it’s what our music has been missing.” He also discussed the importance of getting rest. 

When asked to talk about his latest album, Ambition, Wale opened up and said it brings more emotion than most rappers care to showcase in their works. 

“I hate to sound cliche but I feel like it’s what our music has been missing,” the D.C. emcee noted. “That’s how I feel. I feel like there’s always been such a connotation around the word emotional. It’s a horrible connotation in our music. How are we supposed to evoke emotions from other people if we’re not giving any out? I just think a lot of people are trying their hardest to not be emotional. It’s swag, whatever that means anymore.” 

The conversation also touched on Rick Ross’ health, a concern for supporters after Ross’ recent medical scares

“He’s good,” Wale clarified. “He just needs to get some rest. He’s been working, he’s been working himself real, real hard. When you don’t sleep for a week, almost, four days, five days, you’d be surprised what could happen to you, how this thing could take a toll on you when you don’t sleep. I’m getting better at [sleeping]. That’s what Ross tells me every other day. Every other day he texts me, ‘Make sure you get some rest.'” 

Wale has also seen some of his Ambition hits hit the scene with various leaks this week. “DC or Nothing” and “Ambition” have made their way out as anticipation for his new disc builds momentum. 

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