As the legal woes have followed T.I. some have been critical of his actions. The Atlanta representative recently spoke to Sway’s Shade 45 radio program about how this has affected him and what he’s learned from his experiences inside jail cells. Tip then went on to add that he is on remixes for Drake’s “Headlines” and Lil Wayne’s “She Will.”  

T.I. was asked about valuable lessons learned from others in jail and shared that he gained inspiration and knowledge while incarcerated. 

“Many of them, many, so many people, have taken time out to offer their inspiration to me, their insight to me on my situation, not critically and not judgmentally but just a genuine ‘Hey man, listen, we need you out here for this. You do this for us.’ I learned a lot. I learned a lot. I think that’s what’s most important, learning,” he said. 

When asked to clarify what he learned, Tip explained that he now understands that it’s his life to live. 

“My path is my path,” he explained. “My walk is my walk. Can’t nobody walk my walk for me. No matter how tired you are of seeing me walk my walk, this is the path God got me on. Whatever it takes for me to get where I’m going, just allow me to get there. I don’t interrupt your walk.”

He also shared that he’s to be featured on remixes for Drake and Lil Wayne. He noted that he is on the remixes for “Headlines” and “She Will.” 

“Yeah, I just went in and did it,” he added. “I got a list of things that I needed to do. I got a list of records that I needed to get on. Oh, and the ‘She Will’ remix as well. Oh, ‘I’m a Boss’ remix. I got a few, man. I got a few things poppin’ off.” 

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