Compton, California’s Kendrick Lamar was recently featured in this Windows Phone commercial talking about his creative process, his travels and more. The Section 80 emcee and Nosaj Thing linked up for a collaborative effort and brought Windows cameras along for the work. 

“I had to realize that I have to have all of these techniques and skills in order to be the best artist I could possibly be,” Kendrick says in the commercial, a behind-the-scenes look at his studio. “I had to have delivery, content, style, charisma.”

“You have to do the leg work first, especially if you’re an independent company like Top Dog Entertainment. We went out there, we did the music first.” 

The Top Dog went on to speak on what he does with his Windows Phone, explaining how it facilitates his work. 

“What I like to do is go back to my album and see what I’ve done and what I could do better for the next project…Anyone who knows me knows I need to record everywhere I go. The Windows phone, this is a big help. I could go to my pocket recorder, organize and keep all my scratches or melodies or references down and easy to go to just by a simple click. That’s something that helps me a lot.” 

Near the end of the ad, K. Dot also explains what a blessing it has been to travel the globe, noting what it means to him as a person who grew up in Compton, California. 

“A lot of people don’t see the world. I’m 24 years old and I went to Amsterdam. I can’t say too many people in Compton that have been to Amsterdam. It’s a blessing, man. It’s not only a blessing for me but a blessing for them because I can come back and share the stories with the people I grew up with. Eventually, when I get to a certain level of success, I can bring them with me.” 

For more from the ad, check the commercial below. 



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