David Banner has had a busy year, contributing his production chops to Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne. Speaking with Forbes magazine, the Southern rapper revealed that he’s working on his upcoming LP The Make Believe Album and has a few production gigs in the works.

“Production-wise, it’s been my best year. Chris Brown, Justin Bieber… I’m about to go into the studio with Duffy for two weeks. John Legend just called me. I believe I have the next single for Lil Wayne. We’ll see,” he said. “From Snoop Dogg to Anthony Hamilton, now I’m about to dive into rock music. It’s just like we’ve had so much going on. That’s one thing that I tried to get over to the kids, is really the people who are making the real money is usually are not the ones who are usually running their mouths in front of the camera. I just happen to be the exception.”

Additionally, the producer/rapper emphasized punctuality and how it affects his everyday business.

“One thing I want to tell anybody else that decides that they want to step into advertisement is that there’s no being late. A lot of artists that come from the urban side believe that since they’re stars in one genre of music that that’s their excuse to do whatever they want to do in business. I believe regardless of whether you’re working a nine-to-five, your word and timing is everything. I’m always on time.

Watch the full interview below, and head over to Forbes.com to read the story.

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