R&B singer Tyrese as recently kicked out of a radio station in Delaware, though it’s not entirely clear why.

According to the singer, reports TMZ, he was kicked off after making a passionate statement about how liquor stores should not be allowed near schools, after seeing one on the way to the station.

“Get them cats out of here … selling alcohol right across from your kids school, homie — put the pressure on them homie … you know how to put pressure on dudes selling in your hood,” he said on air.

After the show went to commercial, Tyrese was asked to leave the building.

According to the KISS 101.7’s owner, Tony Quartarone, the singer was kicked off not for his message, but for his tone.

“Tyrese was not kicked off the air for pointing out that liquor stores should not be located near schools … I totally agree with that. But … he proceeded to downgrade my audience by calling them ‘homies.'”

Quartarone says Tyrese’s music is banned until he apologizes, though the singer has told TMZ that he intends not to do so.