In a recent interview, Glasses Malone spoke on Lil Wayne’s success, his album Beach Cruiser and his favorite guest star. The Los Angeles County native sat down with Brooklyn Martino and discussed these topics, explaining Wayne’s success is no coincidence and that his album has changed several times since its original intended release date in 2007. 

On Beach Cruiser, Malone is joined by a slew of guests. Snoop Dogg, Akon, Mack 10, T-Pain, Rick Ross and many others are featured on this disc. When asked who his favorite guest was, Malone said it was Latoiya Williams. He also said that the other artists recognized his talent, which is why they joined him on the album.

“It was pretty cool working with all them people. It was more of a testament to my talent, people recognizing what I could do. Latoiya Williams would probably be my favorite, to be honest.” 

Discussion turned to Wayne, due to the Cash Money connection. At this point, Malone gave Wayne credit for the hard work he’s witnessed. 

“Wayne’s situation is unique. That dude works harder than anybody I know. Whether somebody is signed or not signed, he works harder than them. He works like he don’t have a penny. He deserves everything he gets. That dude is a serious millionaire but he’s in the studio more than me. So, it makes sense when you see success like that happening. It’s not a coincidence.” 

While Beach Cruiser was originally meant to drop in 2007, Malone noted that the current release is one that has changed considerably since that date. 

“The album changed street time but I redit three different albums for it. So, the third version ended up being real dope and everybody likes it. The reception has been crazy, so I’m just excited about it and ready to move on to the next one.” 

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