New York’s Immortal Technique premiered his documentary, The (R)evolution of Immortal Technique, recently during The Harlem Film Festival in New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center.

Filmed and edited over a six year span, (R)evolution follows the Peruvian born lyricist as he tours cities and countries, sharing his message, music and experiences with supporters all across the globe. The 60 minute documentary also shows Immortal Technique discussing Hip Hop and social issues with rapper/actor, Ice-T, Dr. Cornell West, Public Enemy’s Chuck D and others.  

“You symbolize the voice of truth all around the world in the name of rap music and Hip Hop,” Chuck D says of Technique. “Because, you know in rap, when you see something [you] say something, right?”

Born Felipe Coronel, Immortal Technique has released three critically acclaimed albums to date (Revolutionary Volume 1, Revolutionary Volume 2 and The 3rd World with DJ Green Lantern) and is approaching the release of his fourth, The Middle Passage. Each of his projects has been released without the aid of major record labels, something he not only values, but advocates. “The record label does a lot of things for people,” Technique says in the documentary.

“It buys them beats. It buys them studio time. It pays for cars. It buys them video spots. It buys them radio play. And let’s get real, it buys them women. It buys them coke. It buys them weed. It buys them cars. It buys them chains. It buys them watches. And sometimes they even pay for other people to write the verses for you. So all you really did was go in there in a booth and spit a verse that somebody else wrote for you, somebody else designed for you, and you expect to get paid a lot for that? Get the fuck out of here. If you’re gonna act like a puppet then don’t get mad when someone stick’s their fucking hand up your ass. I’m nobody’s puppet. I control me.”

The film also details Technique’s philanthropic endeavors, highlighted with his 2008 partnership with Omeid International — a non-profit organization charged with providing children in Afghanistan with safe housing, health care and education. Technique donated $60 thousand to the construction of an orphanage, the Amin Institute, in Kabul and has been instrumental in raising additional funds for the school and medical facility.

“When I first met the people of Omeid International, I saw how committed they are,” says Technique. “That’s what led to the creation of the Amin Institute.”

The (R)evolution Of Immortal Technique was directed by Cary Stewart and is currently without official distribution.