As he prepares his G.O.O.D. Music debut, Pusha T stopped by Funkmaster Flex’s show to speak on the Young Money/Cash Money feud with Jay-Z and Watch the Throne, a release he calls the best of the year. Pusha shed light on why he feels Jay-Z and Kanye West still have more years in their musical careers and why Jay-Z’s lines sounded realer than Lil Wayne’s. 

When told that Baby recently said he felt Jay-Z and Kanye West were on their way out, Pusha disagreed. 

“I guess that’s a matter of opinion [but] being around Jay-Z and around Kanye for that whole recording of Watch the Throne, I think that’s sort of talking a little bit prematurely to say they’re on their way out, with that type of lyricism and that type of rappin’ going on. I mean, by far, Watch the Throne was definitely the best album put out, definitely.”

After praising Watch the Throne, Pusha added his opinion on the Jay-Z/Lil Wayne feud. While both emcees threw verbal shots at one another this year, P says he feels Jay’s was “more realer.” 

“I personally thought the Jay swipe, if that was a swipe because I’ve never heard him say it was a swipe, but the Jay swipe, I thought that was mean. I thought it was a mean swipe. But, then Wayne? The way Wayne flipped it back on the new one? That was hot. That was hot, as well. That was good. But, see, you know me. I get caught up in a level of realness. That’s when you can say who really would do what and what really makes more sense in reality. I get caught up in that. So, when you get caught up in that…It’s reality. The Jay one sounded a little more realer.” 

Staying on the topic of feuds, he also added that his war of words with Consequence is water under the bridge.

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