Mac Miller is currently recording his debut studio album for Rostrum Records, Blue Slide Park, but he’s not phoning in any big favors. Speaking with Brooklyn Martino, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper explained why he’s going light on guest features for the offering.

“I was touring from January until May, right? So I was touring from all that time, and so now, I’m finally able to chill, calm down [in] Pittsburgh, work on the album,” he said. “The whole thing with the album is people really close to me. So the only people who are going to be on the album are people that are close to me and that I’m friends with. People who are going to be on the album are people who don’t care if they’re on the album or not.”

So far for the project, Mac has collaborated with production team ID Labs, as well as Pete Rock and Just Blaze. Blue Slide Park is due later this fall.

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