One of the five finalists in HipHopDX & A3C’s “Pick 3” Contest is DXnext alum and Delaware emcee Mike Jaggerr. In a year with some high profile coverage and co-signs, Jaggerr hopes to close out his year with a debut appearance on the A3C stages in Atlanta.

Mike answered a few questions, and provided some background in chances of scoring your vote to get him there.

Mike Jaggerr’s Catalog:

The Eleventh Hour (Mixtape, 2011)

HipHopDX: Tell us a little bit about what 2011 has been about for this point in your career…

Mike Jaggerr: 2011 has been about growth. Releasing The Eleventh Hour mixtape, watching the reactions and critiques. [It has also been about] having new experiences and finding new ways to express creativity, feigning to out-do anything great I’ve already done.

DX: What would an A3C showcase appearance do for you, your career?

Mike Jaggerr: Once again it’s all about growth. I’ve had the blessing to have a voice on some amazing platforms this year, the exposure attached to A3C will be another step on the path to greatness for this year.

DX: What makes your performances and performance style unique?

Mike Jaggerr: When I create these records I’m documenting my soul, every facet of it and when it’s time to perform every feeling is personified and brought to life, every emotion, every point of my personality in an explosive real time package. [Laughs]

DX: To someone new to your music, what can you say or show that is convincing to vote for?

Mike Jaggerr: The music is out of God’s anus – the shit, if you ain’t catch that one.

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