While 1990s Jazz/Hip Hop group the Digable Planets performed several dates this summer, the three individual group founders remain active in releasing new music. As Ish (f/k/a Butterfly) found Top 200 chart success and critical acclaim with Rock group Shabazz Palaces, Doodlebug is planning a double-album, Futuristic Sci-Fi for September 27 release. The project will come on New York independent label, Soulspazm Records.

Futuristic Sci-Fi is a collaborative project with D.O.R., and will feature other veteran emcees such as Moka Only, LMNO and Tanya Morgan’s Donwill. The CD version of the release will be a double-disc.

In 2009, Doodlebug released The Intifadah, which featured Tre Hardson from The Pharcyde.