For New York’s dead prez, Hip Hop is about more than music. These are the sentiments shared in a recent interview with Pyramidwest. During that interview and M-1 spoke on their RBG Fit Club, the current economic depression and the holdup with Information Age

As part of their development beyond music, shared that his RBG Fit Club is growing. 

“What we basically try to do is inspire people to inspire each other,” noted when speaking on his RBG Fit Club. “We’re a community from beginners to elite martial arts instructors to martial arts students to swimmers to runners, everybody that’s trying to liver a healthy lifestyle and cutting through the madness. You don’t have to take steroids…We’re doing it the natural way. Our community suffers from diabetes, heart attacks, drug addiction, you name it. So, we feel like it’s definitely time for Hip Hop to push something positive instead of all the negative lifestyle shit that Hip Hop pushes.” 

On another note, M-1 discussed the current state of the “economic depression” that is currently hurting several United States citizens.  

“At the end of the day, we’re dealing with a whole ‘nother kind of economic depression, which I think is important for us to understand and hold our music accountable. Therefore, we can’t have these brothers in our face talking about what they got no more. We take that! We taking that! That’s reparations even in the face of what we got right now…Everybody gotta be all hands on deck.” 

M-1 also went on to explain why their Information Age may take some more time to release, a project that he admitted has been in the works for some time. 

Information Age has been a project in works that dead prez has been diligently putting time in for a minute. The reason why is because that’s what we have. We’re trying to make the best work to give to the people. We think it’d be a disservice to put out anything less than what would feed people in the best way. Obviously, with a title like Information Age, we have a hell of a job cut out ahead of us. So, keep looking out for what will happen with Information Age.” 

The video of the interview can be seen below.

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