With Game’s The R.E.D. Album dropping this week, the West Coast veteran is feeling confident that his fourth album is this year’s cream of the crop.

R.E.D. Album is the best album coming out this year. Guaranteed,” said Game in an interview with DubCNN, before qualifying, “I’m waiting to see. I got the Watch the Throne joint, and I appreciate that kind of evolution of Hip Hop, but I think the R.E.D. album is gonna be crazy. Carter IV is gonna be dope, too. Waiting to see what Wayne put together.”

When asked whether he would ever do a West Coast version of Watch The Throne, Game responded, “If I had  to link up with somebody in the West Coast, it would be, first and foremost, Snoop. Snoop is my dude. I think that would be crazy.”

Game also touched on his relationship with Lil Wayne. “[Wayne] is my homie. It’s like my blood brother. I got a lot of love for him, Slim, Baby, the whole Cash Money/Young Money crew, for Nicki Minaj down to Drake, and Tyga’s the little homie, doing tremendous things for the state of West Coast Hip Hop.” Game added that he was still considering potentially making a move to the Cash Money camp after his deal with Interscope was complete. 

Watch the interview below:

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