Big Sean recently reflected on his catalogue, picking a few tracks that he considers as his deepest material to date. Speaking with Amaru Don TV, the Detroit, Michigan native explains that the tracks “Memories” and “So Much More” were inspired by his grandma and how she shaped his perspective on life.

“‘So Much More’ takes me back to my grandma’s house, her making pancakes every Saturday morning, just enjoying them cartoons and you really see I talk about everything from my relationships with a girl to my homies, my mom, my grandma,” he recalled. “And then songs like ‘Memories,’ which was also inspired by my grandma, because I used to sit and talk with her, and my grandma never leaves the house anymore.”

Sean says that his 95-year-old grandmother remembers the happy moments in her life, and that her optimism rubs off on him. “She’s senile, 95 years old, paralyzed on her right side so she’s in a wheelchair. And she’ll sit and talk about old times that she had in her life and be so happy, and I realized that those times she already went through is what keeps her so happy and wanting to make sure I have the best times.

“I realize that at the end of life, all you really have is memories,” he continued. ”You should definitely always follow your heart and do what you gotta do because you never want to be looking back wishing you coulda, woulda, shoulda did anything. That was one of my main motivations for just doing what I love to do, is just talking to my grandma. She worked hard and went to school and did everything and had great memories, but I realized that you can’t be mad at the end of your life, or else it’s pointless.”

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