Nearly two weeks ago, The D.O.C. explained that he and Erykah Badu lived together part-time and that he hoped that they would get married at the end of a reality show about their relationship.

After the article picked up steam on the Internet, Badu has responded to the claims through L.A. Weekly and Dallas Observer, explaining that the two “share parental responsibilities for their daughter” – but that’s all there is to it.

“That is the full extent of their personal involvement and no romantic dynamic exists between the two,” reads a statement on her behalf. “Moreover, Erykah has no plans to marry or have any sort of courtship with the D.O.C. Ms. Badu has no plans to allow a reality show to be filmed in her private Dallas residence or to include any of her children in the filming…The D.O.C.’s comments were either taken out of context, improperly interpreted, or reflective of his now, not-so-secret desires. Whatever the case, Erykah wishes D.O.C. well both spiritually and professionally.”

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