The Masked Gorilla recently caught up with the newest member of Diddy’s Bad Boy family Machine Gun Kelly as a part of their TMG University Enrollment series. While discussing his Cleveland upbringing, the Ohio native spoke on what it was like to lose former Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James. Kelly trashed Bron-Bron for his highly publicized decision to join the Miami Heat last year, calling him “a really poor example of a human being.”

“I don’t really like [LeBron] at all,” he said of the Miami Heat star. “That guy’s a really poor example of a human being. We don’t really roll like that [in Cleveland]. We west boys stay true to [our] mothafuckin’ homes, and heroes don’t leave when they’re in need.”

Machine Gun Kelly also spoke on his impending debut album Lace Up. He said that he’s working with a variety of different artists, including Mike Posner, Lil B and punk-pop band Good Charlotte. He also added that despite early reports that Lace Up would hit stores sometime in the first quarter of 2012, he will ensure that the album’s released this fall, even if that means he has to take measures into his own hands.

“Me and [the band] Good Charlotte just got in the studio last week. [We made] kind of like a dubstep, electro-type joint. Me and Lil B have got a joint, me and Mike Posner have got a joint – and these are all for the album,” he said. “The album is looking great, man. It’s got a certified stamp from like, the certified up-and-coming [artists] and a lot of the already certified O.G.s of the game. It’s just a dope mesh [of music], [with] people like me and Mike Posner doing a song, which you wouldn’t normally see me do, and me and Good Charlotte doing the same thing…the album’s going to drop [this] fall, I don’t a fuck what anybody says…labels, all that stuff, I don’t give a fuck. I’m dropping that bitch [this] fall if I have to drop it myself.”

Watch the full interview to see Machine Gun Kelly break down his favorite emcees and the meanings behind some of his many tattoos.

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