Jon Connor recently paid respect to fallen rapper MC Breed with his tribute track “Ain’t No Future,” which samples Breed’s classic “Ain’t No Future in Your Frontin’.” But after Breed’s widow Natasha Breed saw the track for sale on iTunes without being given the proper approval, she’s filing suit against the Flint, Michigan up-and-comer.

“It’s kind of ironic because the title of their song is ‘No Frontin’ and I need them cats to do just that, stop frontin’,” she said. “Jon Connor who? I seen the whole campaign, I know who’s sponsoring the whole project, I know who’s behind him. I show Flint town love and everybody that knows me knows that I’m about straight up loyalty.”

She explained that she doesn’t approve of the track because he’s using the original cut without approval and profiting from its usage.

“Immediately when I heard it, I did not approve for several reasons. Here you have a song that’s a 24-year-old classic hit. This song paved the way for the Midwest, period. Put Flint on the map, Michigan on the map, opened up the gates for everybody on that end of the map,” she continued. “You just can’t take and say whatever you want to do with anybody’s material, number one. Some stuff that can’t be touched.”

Listen to Natasha Breed’s full interview below.

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