Following the release of the recent documentary DMC: Walk This Way, DMC has announced that he will try to take Run-DMC’s story to Broadway.

“Before we do the film, we’re taking the story to Broadway,” explained the Rap legend in an interview with “We grew up big time. So when we do stuff, we gotta do it big. Yeah. We’re in discussions right now. We’re over halfway there. It’s a strong possibility that we will be taking the Run-DMC to Broadway. Then after we do the play, we’ll do the picture. We want to do Broadway first.”

“We’ve been in talks for about the last year and a half. What we have to do right now is get a script and a storyline and get some pre-production going on,” he added. “The definite thing about it is it’s going to happen.”

Currently, the group is also poised to have a biopic released sometime in the future.

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