With the recent launch of Blood Sport, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy has placed his footprints on the street wear/skate culture. As Prodigy explained in a recent interview with Karmaloop, the transition to the world of skateboarding shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise for fans of the Infamous Mobb. 

Citing brands like Supreme, Prodigy says he’s seen companies elevate their brands by mixing in some Hip Hop culture. Influenced by this, Prodigy began his own company, Blood Sport, a skateboard brand that he says has the same attitude Mobb first came in the game with. 

“I started a skateboard brand called Blood Sport,” P noted. “It’s a skater lifestyle brand with the boards and clothes and everything that comes with the lifestyle. I started that because a lot of the young skaters out there skate to our music. Their style isn’t far from what we bring to the table. It’s that real, grimy, against the grain, against the system, me against the world type attitude.” 

Aside from this, Prodigy also touched on other topics, including the Illuminati, which he says he’s been studying for some time.  

“I was reading a lot about the Illuminati and secret societies and religions. It got to the point I actually started learning so much, started understanding it and then I started putting it in the lyrics. It was like mixing a little bit of medicine in the food. That’s what Havoc used to say, ‘Give them medicine with the food.’ Give them information in there amongst the hardcore lifestyle shit we talk about, give them knowledge.” 

The Mobb will have a busy few months as they embark on the Rock the Bells Festival, where they will perform The Infamous in its entirety. For more from the interview, check the video below. 

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