Yesterday, Pusha T responded to Consequence’s diss track “The Plagurist Society” by declaring that “nobody’s ever checked” for his music. Less than 24 hours later, Cons hopped on the horn with 107.5 WGCI’s The Morning Riot (via FSD) to respond to the Clipse member’s words, declaring that he “lyrically cannot compete” and that his claims were disrespectful. He also released a scathing diss track titled “Everybody Told Me to Straighten It Out.”

“In regards to the interview that the guy did, when you’re dancing around issues when it comes to Hip Hop and microphone confrontations and battles, it really shows one thing: it shows that he can’t compete,” he said. “And I’ma say this clearly. He lyrically cannot compete, and that’s the reason for the extra smoke and mirrors and that attempt at discrediting.”

He specifically addressed Pusha Ton’s claims that “nobody’s checking” for him, explaining that his placement on Beyonce’s new album 4 with the song “Party” proves he’s relevant. He took it even one step further, claiming that he’s a cut above the rest.

“As it stands right now, I’m the most talked-about commodity in Hip Hop. And I’ma go out here and say it: I’m probably the best pure lyricist in Hip Hop and in music right now and along the elite songwriters in the game,” he continued. “I’ma prove it because I’ma drop the biggest blockbuster this summer in the form of Movies on Demand 3.

“That guy said, ‘He’s an outsider and I’m an insider,’” he continued. “Let me tell you why Kanye West has never said anything to him regarding our situation. He’s never said anything to him regarding our situation because he’s a worker. He’s a worker! He was jet fuel for Pharrell Williams, and he’s going to be jet fuel for Kanye West. He’s a live body.”

In regards to deading the beef, Cons says that the only way he could ever resolve his issues with ‘Ye and the G.O.O.D. Music team would be if Jay-Z intervened and had a face-to-face talk.

“I’m the brother who’s not going to stand back and watch him do what he’s doing and be up to no good without saying anything. So at this point, I’m going to be honest with Chicago, it’s gotten a little past Kanye at this point. This ‘campaign of terror’ is going to continue until Jay-Z intervenes. And when Jay-Z and Consequence have a gentlemen’s conversation, this will come to an end.”

Listen to the full interview at Fake Shore Drive.

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