Although J. Cole initially announced that he would be dropping a new mixtape before the September release of Cole World: The Sideline Story he has now revealed that he will longer be releasing that mixtape.

Rather than release the full mixtape Cole will instead leak the songs that would have been featured on the mixtape in the weeks leading up to Cole World: The Sideline Story.

In an interview with Hartford, Connecticut’s HOT 93.7, Cole explained that he chose to not release the mixtape primarily because of how close the dates for the release of his mixtape and the release of his debut album would have been.

“I’m not gonna put out a mixtape,” said Cole. “I just decided this, but the music I was gonna put on the mixtape I’mma just slowly drop it. I’ll just drop it out online and they’ll find it. You know, my fans will find it how they will. I’m confident. I don’t wanna run and drop a mixtape. I don’t want people to get confused with that. I don’t want them to love it, because they’ll love it. If I put out a mixtape they’re gonna love it cause I don’t know how to put out a bad mixtape. That’s the problem. So I don’t want them to fall in love too much and them my album comes four weeks later, five weeks later. We only eight weeks out. That’s not a long time. I’ll be giving them songs in the meantime so it’s cool.”

Cole also revealed that even though we’re only weeks away from his album’s release he’s still waiting to receive a verse from Jay-Z.

“I haven’t even heard his verse. He [Jay-Z] got five days to turn that in,” Cole explained. “I don’t know if I like need to change my verse yet or not. If he tries to kill me then I’mma change my verse. Yea, I’m not going out like that. The hook is on there and everything so he’ll get it.”

Cole World: The Sideline Story will be released on September 27th.  

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