In a clip tilted “The World is Watching 2: The Puppet Masters,” Consequence continues to take jabs at Kanye West. In the clip, the message implies that his former G.O.O.D. Music cohort is “king” of his world and that Cons intends on “stopping” him.

“There are some who think they have this ability, and others who are robbed for it. But by who? The puppet masters,” reads the clip. “They are the ones who are put in place to ensure that any wizard on the horizon relinquish his power to the king. The only one who can stop the king and his court, is… the warrior. It’s been done before… And it will happen again. The world is watching.”

The video shows images of ‘Ye, Don C, Rhymefest, Fonzworth Bentley, Drake, Lupe Fiasco and more. The clip comes in anticipation of Cons’ Movies on Demand 3, releasing soon.

Watch “The World is Watching 2: The Puppet Masters” below. 

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