With a successful music career that is just beginning to blossom; Rapsody’s interest in basketball often times rivaled her interest in Hip Hop music.

“It was music and basketball for me you know, that was it so I’ve been a fan of basketball forever.”

Rapsody says family is always a big part of her life as and she and her younger brother are only 11 months apart in age. The other male family members also may have contributed to her hobbies.

“I’m a dad’s girl; I grew up a little tom-boy,” she explained. “Everybody in my close family, cousins-wise are girls and most around my age are boys so I got into basketball when I was around six or seven playing rec because my brother, when he went to try out, he didn’t want to go by his self so I went and that’s how I kind of got into it.”

With Thank H.E.R. Now dropping just weeks ago, Rapsody worked up until the last minute. However, that didn’t stop her from watching the NBA Finals.

“I hated to see my [Los Angeles] Lakers not make it and to get swept. [Laughs] But I thought it was a good Finals you know I was glad to see Jason Kidd get a ring and Dirk [Nowitzki too], they worked hard so it was good. I said whoever wins game four, they’re taking it. [Laughs]”

And even in the studio, Rapsody can’t keep away from the NBA talk as producer 9th Wonder always argues with her in the infamous Kobe Bryant-vs.-Michael Jordan debate.  

“You know 9th [Wonder] gives me slack about that all the time. [Laughs] I mean he doesn’t have a team except he’s a big Jordan fan and since he retired, he doesn’t have a team. [Laughs] Because you know we have the Kobe/Jordan talks and I’m no longer able to compare them now. [Laughs] I just do it to mess with him really and it works.”