Mad Media out of San Diego, California, is currently producing and directing a documentary called, “Street Prophetz.” The documentary will focuse on the positive side of Urban Culture and hip-hip culture; B-boys, graf artists, emceess, DJs, skaters. This hour-long documentary will emphasize athletes, musicians, and artists that have used their skills and creativity as a means of overcoming adversity and transcending their economic situations.

“The goal of this film is to create the antithesis of how the media has negatively portrayed urban culture for commercial benefits,” states Matt Martelli, founder of Mad Media. “There are a lot of talented people that don’t fit the typical mold, so they never get the credit and exposure that they are due. This documentary is for the people, so they can see who and what is going on, a sort of a visual mix tape of urban culture.”

The documentary is being filmed in NYC until March 19th, and so far includes interviews and footage of:

Rob Swift (X-Ecutiioners)

Domino (Hieroglyphics+Souls of Mischief)

Planet Asia (Cali Agents)

Pep Love (Hieroglyphics)

Architect (Producer)

Tyrone Olson (Skateboarder)

Satva Leung (Skateboarder /DJ)

San Quinn (MC)

Dave Mayhew (Skateboarder)

Mear 1 (Graffitti Artist)

Bukue One (Graffiti Artist/Skateboarder/MC)

DJ Sinista (formerly of X-Cutioners)

DJ Peril

?uestlove (The Roots)

Aloe Black (Emanon)

Matthias Ringstrom (Skateboarder)

Pierre-Luc Gagnon (Skateboarder)

Brandon Turner (Skateboarder)

Marcelle Johnson (Skateboarder)