In a recent interview with UK newspaper The Sun rapper Snoop Dogg had a few interesting things to say in regards to the royal couple, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton.

The rapper even went so far as to say that he’d be willing to make some “baby-making music” for the two to ensure that the queen gets a grandchild from the newly married couple.

“Kate and Wills, oh wow, what a couple,” Snoop Dogg explained to The Sun. “They need to make some babies soon to give the Queen some great grandkids. They’re going to be beautiful babies. Perhaps I’ll record them their own baby-making music.”

Snoop then went on to describe what he would wear if he were ever to be invited to Buckingham Palace.

“If I ever got to Buckingham Palace, oh my, I’d be like ‘Well hello Queen ma, pleased to meet you’,” said Snoop. “I’d have a suit so fly, it would be the flyest suit you’d ever seen and a fly hat to go with it because I know the good lady likes wearing hats. I heard she likes yellow so I’d make it yellow.”

Prior to the royal wedding, Snoop Dogg recorded a song for Prince William’s bachelor party titled “Wet” and was also requested as a performer for the party.

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