As one of two featured artists on Lil Wayne’s latest mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait , Lil B is speaking on how the collaboration came to be. In an interview with MTV News, the Based God explained that it’s all thanks to Mack Maine that he ended up spitting alongside Weezy on “Grove St. Party.”

“He put us two together, me and Wayne, because he knew I had dumb-ass respect and major love for Wayne,” he said. “A lot of people say that I’m like him, and I take that as a compliment. It was crazy to see how Wayne embraced me, how he really respect my music [as] an artist.

“I was nervous, and I don’t even get nervous about nothing, but I was nervous with that boy Wayne in that motherfucker,” he continued. “It was a good nervous, because it was like, ‘Man, I really made it.’ It was a bunch of people in the studio, but Wayne had it for me and him to get on this song, and it was

just a real honor.”

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