Cam’ron’s been known to start trouble inside the Waffle House, but apparently, Lil Wayne’s associates prefer to keep their shenanigans a bit more upscale. Two of Weezy’s back-up dancers were arrested for a recent assault at a Connecticut P.F. Chang’s.

According to a recent article from AllHipHop, police arrested Jennifer Slaughter and Della Hamby after they beat up a waitress at a P.F. Chang’s restaurant in West Hartford, Connecticut. The two women were contracted dancers for Wayne’s “I Am Music II” tour, which is slated for a performance in Connecticut tomorrow, July 13.

The police report indicates that Slaughter and Hamby had previously been arguing with a waitress over splitting the check for their meal. Later, after the two dancers left the restaurant, they returned to retrieve a forgotten cell phone and ended up exchanging blows with the waitress, pulling her hair and punching her.

The two women were charged with third-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace. There is no word whether they were asked to leave Lil Wayne’s tour as a result of their legal mishap.

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