Though he’s currently focusing on his career in film with his upcoming directorial debut The Man with the Iron Fist, RZA hasn’t entirely turned his back on music. The Wu-Tang Clan member recently spoke with MTV News, explaining that he’s recently supplied beats to Nas, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris and GZA, who has delayed work on Liquid Swords 2.

“Me and GZA talked about doing Liquid Swords part 2, a sequel. We talked about it for a while,” he said. “We actually started a little and then we pulled back based on scheduling, based on my movie.”

He’s been relying on his prior unreleased work to keep his music career bubbling, supplying beats to a handful of artists. “The movie has taken me out of the loop of music. But what I have been doing, I’ve been going to studios and inviting people to my studio. So I went to the studio with Luda and I emptied beats from my beat machine for him. Whether he use it or not is up to him, but I just been emptying out my beat machines,” he continued. “I emptied out some beats on Busta, I emptied out some beats on Nas, emptied out some beats for [Ghostface Killah] and for Wu-Tang Clan — just sent them 20 beats a few weeks ago.”

As for unreleased music from Ol’ Dirty Bastard, don’t hold your breath. “That’s a very tricky situation, because ODB has passed and he has an estate,” he said, explaining that he’s in possession of ODB records that no one else has. “When you got an estate, it’s so much paperwork and red tape and legal stuff you gotta deal with. I tried to put out a song last year called ‘Dirt’s the Boogie,’ and they threatened me with an injunction and I wrote the lyrics to the song. Made the beat, wrote the lyrics and Dirty just performed it.”

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