I guess B.I.G. was right, mo money, mo problems. As Eminem continues to soar to the top of the music industry, more and more people are trying to use Shady to make a name for themselves. The latest his Em’s former group mate, Tha Outsidaz Pacewon.

Em was a member of New Jersey crew in the late 90’s and frequently shouted them out on “The Slim Shady LP.” While that has stopped, it doesn’t seem like Marshall has forgotten about his former crew as he signed Young Zee to Shady Records. Nevertheless, in a verse over Mobb Deep’s “Right Back At You,” Pace had this to say:

“is it your heart, or is it the lies/you lack courage like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, you went from brunette to blond just to better your cause/but your hypeman album sound better than yours/bunny rabbit got a funny habit/we say/he let a honey and a homey have it, cause he gay/well I’m hard to the core like Brun in Krush Groove, you a little bitch that ate too many mushrooms/got your voice on the track of your choice, you made noise, but then turned you back on your boys/even did it to Royce, where’s Head? Where’s Buzz?/I’m sick of your songs, I need lead ear plugs/the same thing you tried to do with the Out’s, is the very same reason that they booing you now/like the DA in court I’m pulling two of your files, better save that last dance for Julia Stiles.”

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