Listeners got a sneak peek of what to expect on Big K.R.I.T.’s debut Live from the Underground with the tracks “Shake It” featuring Joi and “Amtrak,” both off of his mixtape Return of 4Eva. Speaking with Pyramid West TV, the southern rapper explained how “Shake It” came to be and reflects future music.

“I wanted to just do something different and show people the direction I’m going as far as my career. Something real soulful, but still having that southern drawl. Still rapping about things in the South that we do and that kind of shit,” he said. “That record and the record ‘Amtrak’ are just sneak peeks of where I’ma go with my music. Just really psychedelic and got a lotta funk in it. So that’s really just that, I was just writing and just wanted to do something different with that record.”

K.R.I.T. also saved some records from his mixtape sessions for Live from the Underground, and states that he doesn’t regret his choices. “It’s perfect timing now that I started singing on records more and people know I do that and they also see me collaborating with R&B singers and the funk aspect,” he said. “When I drop this new stuff, people aren’t going to be so surprised. Just the content, I feel there’s a lot of stuff going on in the world that needs to be touched on that I might’ve rapped about four or five months ago that might’ve been too deep. But now, there’s so much going on, people might want to listen to it.”

Live from the Underground hits stores on September 27th.

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