The internet went into overdrive following Casey Anthony’s verdict yesterday. Sage Francis decided to take a different approach, penning a long-form essay on the matter and releasing his new mix, Godcast 2 – The Bright Side of Witch Burning.

Originally putting together the mix to accompany his thoughts on the Kenyan “witch burnings,” Sage found his 47-minute creation to fit the script for Casey Anthony being deemed not guilty. “The ‘not guilty’ verdict resulted in a public outcry, reminiscent of the O.J. Simpson trial back in 1995, as people chastised the jury’s decision and collectively expressed their terminal cynicism toward the US judicial system,” he wrote. “All of this happening just ONE day after the 4th of July, a day in which true-blue American’s celebrated their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain by shooting bottle rockets at one another’s faces. Fore-shame, America! FORE…SHAME!”

He continues by explaining that the justice system is “to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Well…not just guilty, but ‘guilty beyond reasonable doubt.'” “In the case of Casey Anthony, it is quite possible that she has literally gotten away with murder, but if that’s true then it is not a fault of America’s judicial system,” he continued. “It is a fault of the prosecutors who were unable to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.”

Read the full essay over at, and listen to the mix below.

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