Portland, Maine producer/emcee Alias is slated to release Fever Dream on August 30 on Anticon Records. The longtime instrumental Hip Hop veteran has worked with the likes of Ehren, Sole and was a member of Atmosphere-affiliate Deep Puddle Dynamics.

This will be his first release since 2008’s Resurgam.

The tracklisting to Fever Dream is as follows:

  1. “Goinswimmin”
  2. “Wanna Let It Go”
  3. “Revi Is Divad”
  4. “No Choice”
  5. “Dahorses”
  6. “Lady Lambin'”
  7. “Talk in Technicolor”
  8. “Feverdreamin”
  9. “Boom Boom Boom”
  10. “Tagine”
  11. “Sugarpeeeee”
  12. “Wrap”