When asked about sampling and Tuff City Records’ Aaron Fuchs, DJ Premier had a lot to say in an interview with Germany’s Mixery Raw Deluxe.

Fuchs has sued several Hip Hop artists due to copyright laws and even went after DJ Premier and Christina Aguilera for their use of the 1960’s song “Hippy Skippy Moon Strut” on the song “Ain’t No Other Man.”

“When you look at a lot of people that sample the records we sampled from back in the day a lot of those artists never got paid during those times. Those were rough times even though the music was funky,” said DJ Premier when asked about Fuchs. “So now that the whole sampling thing has become where you can make money there’s certain artists that don’t really know how to claim it, but then there’s the ones that do and they may reach out to people that said they can help them and that’s usually what they do and sometimes you win sometimes you lose.”

DJ Premier later went on to explain that if anyone should take the blame it should be the people who cleared the records.

“I’ve lost a couple of losses before, but at the same time I’m glad the record came out because it did what I wanted it to do. And if we gotta compensate and make up for it it’s always negotiable to fix the problem, but the good thing is everything we turned in to get our sample cleared was correct,” DJ Premier explained in the interview. “Whoever’s coming out now saying ‘that’s my record, that’s my record’ – if the guys that we cleared it with are not telling the truth they’re gonna have to pay them, we don’t have to pay them. So right now that’s being worked out and in the meantime the record still gets cleared and the business still operates like it’s supposed to.  Why stop the money even if they do get paid later on if they are legally of that? So it’s nothing to worry about.” 

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