Fresh off of releasing his critically acclaimed Book of David, DJ Quik is focusing on developing artists on his label Mad Science Recordings. Speaking with The FADER, he explained that he wants to move into a more mainstream lane and develop his new artist Griff Reynolds for Top 40 audiences.

“Realistically, I’m looking at my new artist, I’m about to sign this kid from… I actually already signed him, Griff Reynolds,” he said. “Talented. Want to do a record on him – conventional, none of this avant-garde shit. Something where he can go in the mainstream and have fun, be on the radio. Top 40. I’m going back to Top 40 as well, that’s what I plan to do.”

He also explained that Pomona, California’s Suga Free is joining the team and that he plans to expand his reach.

“I’m signing one of my old friends who I helped get into the game, Suga Free. Even though he’s kind of regional, he’s still people, he still has his fan base and they like him in certain circles. So I want to do another record on him, get him out there on tour. And pretty much eat off of this game that we helped to build.”

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